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Egress Window Opening
  1. Window opening areas and dimensions

  2. Where a window required in Sentence (1) opens into a window well, a clearance of not less than 760 mm shall be provided in front of the window.

  • Where the sash of a window referred to in Sentence (3) swings towards the window well, the operation of the sash shall not reduce the clearance in a manner that would restrict escape in an emergency.

  • Where a protective enclosure is installed over the window well referred to in Sentence (3), the enclosure shall be openable from the inside without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge of the opening mechanism.

Egress Window Sizes

Building codes across Canada dictate the requirement of "Egress code windows" for any basement bedroom and suites below grade to ensure safety. In Saskatchewan, to satisfy both building and fire codes to be deemed "Egress" a window must have an opening of 3.77 ft^2 with any one dimension not less than 15'' and be either a Casement or Fullvent. All Cuts provides everything from the concrete cutting/removal to the installation of the egress windows.

All Cuts concrete cutting and coring not only keeps economy egress windows in stock but we also carry a variety of custom windows that meet egress as well. All Cuts proudly services the egress window cutting and installation with a start to finish packages including applying for the building permit, engineered drawings (if necessary), window well excavation with drainage package, concrete cutting and removal, and finally the window installation. We are able to take on as much or as little of your project as you would like.

Sub grade windows? No problem!

Is you foundation deep in the ground? worried about potential grading and drainage issues with your newly cut windows?

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Here at All Cuts, we provide grading and drainage solutions to meet your needs for sub grade windows for both homes with and without weeping tile and basement sump pits.


"All Cuts Ensures that you receive a window that meets the building standards for your location! Whether required for a basement suite or bedroom."

The requirements for Part 9 of the Canadian National Building Code, Housing and Small Buildings and in particular Section 9.9.10. Egress from Bedrooms.


The specific requirements are as follows: Egress Windows or Doors for Bedrooms

  • Except where the suite is sprinklered, each bedroom or combination bedroom shall have at least one outside window or exterior door operable from the inside without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge and without the removal of sashes or hardware.

  • The window referred to in Sentence (1) shall

    1. provide and unobstructed opening of not less than 0.35 m² in area with no dimension less than 380 mm, and

    2. maintain the required opening during an emergency without the need for additional support.
      A- Bedroom Window Opening Areas and Dimensions. Although the minimum opening dimensions required for height and width are 380 mm, a window opening that is 380 mm by 380 mm would not comply with the minimum area requirements. (See Figure Below)